I better start by saying the picture is misleading.. Has nothing to do with my blog post.  It is just a cool picture of a recent family boat ride in the everglades…  If you want to feel small and be wowed by nature, do this soon! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I wish I was a good writer.  Of course I do. That’s why I started a blog right. I have tons of friends who can effortlessly write funny quips and garner 500 Lol’s, Likes, and comments within minutes and everyone tells them they are so funny they should start a blog…. No one has ever told me that. No one ever thought my writing was so good I should start a blog. So of course I wish I was a good writer.

I’m not sure why I care?  For my life and work, a blog, or writing in general isn’t really needed anymore..  For press releases I can have someone else write them, or for marketing materials, I can hire a marketer… We are all meant for different things.  We have our own skill sets and the things we can effortlessly do.  I can effortlessly underwrite and analyze an apartment complex.  I can look at 7 pictures and the age of a home and estimate our construction cost within 5 percent in less than 15 seconds. With that being the case. Why would I even want to be a writer? I don’t really know but here are a few things maybe.

I think it is glamorous.

I feel like I have experienced so much unique stuff in life.  Everyone does so I do realize I’m probably not unique after all.  Everytime I meet someone that tells me they wrote a book, I am instantly impressed and in awe..  It means something, even if nothing else, it means they put their efforts toward a cause, and published a book.  It’s glamorous.. It’s impressive..

People like good writers.

Everyone wants to be liked and have friends.. Well most people anyway.  I try to tell myself I don’t care, but I do.  I get jealous when someone writes a one minute rant on facebook with no prep, and get 1,000 shares…  Life goals right???  God please help me get 1,000 shares after I say something funny someday.  (Note to god, don’t waste one of my prayers on that, I was trying to be funny)

I want to help.

I have this desire to change the world.  I want to teach people my mistakes and successes so they can have less mistakes lead better lives…  What do I know really? I do know this is my biggest desire and hope the last couple years of my life.  I have a lot of ideas and things to share stuck in my head…  If I could only get them out on paper.. Someday.. As I stumble through my blogs, maybe I will learn.

I want to last forever.

Death is a concept I hate. I don’t deal with it well.  My father, who was my first business partner, my true hero, and best guide in my life, died a little over a year ago.. He died suddenly, very young, before we were ready.  That alone has put my life into a giant change..  I want to matter.  I want to be remembered.  I want to be significant. Forever…  I am less concerned now about making money and having a giant house and lifestyle, and more concerned with family memories and leaving significance.  If I was a good writer, that would help!!