Creativity, Clarity, Happiness

Aaron has experienced some of life lowest lows, and highest highs, especially considering his personal and family life.  In the past 10 years he has built many companies, websites, bought and sold more than 700 houses nationwide, and running many successful, and un-successful business ventures, going from broke to wealthy, to broke to wealthy several times.  Creating these self-branding websites will help Aaron have a central spot to be able to share with friends, families, and colleagues which ventures he is focusing on now (it takes a lot of effort to constantly update his 30-40 other company websites), and really focus on his current hobbies and personal interests.  He is hoping to inspire others to share more of the same stories.

From the blog

Aaron the Bee-keeper

A lot of people don’t know that one of my hobbies is bee-keeping…  It was something my dad used to do, and after he dies, I wished I had expressed interest in it with him.. So I went on my own journey to start..  I bought a beehive and a bee suit (Actually... read more

Bikes, Volcanoes, and Lava Oh My!!

Please excuse my double rainbow guy level of excitement as we went to see the lava flowing in to the ocean on the big Island of Hawaii. Bike Rides, with kids, lots of adventure. Other options to see lava is up at the crater, which we did too (Just not on this video.)

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Texas in 5 Days- What an Adventure!

Texas was an Road Trip.  The kids were troopers, and we covered a ton of miles….. Here goes: Day 1: Fort Worth : Stockyards!- One of a kind rodeo Texas experience- Definitely recommend. Ate at Riscky’s for barbecue.  Not bad, but wasn’t the best.... read more

I Wish I Was A Good Writer!

I better start by saying the picture is misleading.. Has nothing to do with my blog post.  It is just a cool picture of a recent family boat ride in the everglades…  If you want to feel small and be wowed by nature, do this soon! Now back to our regularly... read more

Child Education- 3 weeks on, 1 week off

My Wife and I have been finding tons of information about alternative education programs.  Our biggest driver right now is feeling like maybe our kids don’t need to be in school 40 hours per week, at such young ages.  We love their school.  Our kids are probably... read more

My “Miracle Morning” Routine

After sharing Hal Elrod’s book “The Miracle Morning” with so many people, I’ve had many ask what my routine is.. So here goes… To be completely honest, I only do my morning routine Monday through Friday.  On the weekends I still get up... read more

How to Cook Lobster Tail

This was a first for me… Please forgive me for my poor pictures.. When it comes to pictures of food, my hands are way to messy to pull out the good camera and lighting. Kaleena has been on bedrest for a few weeks now and she has been getting pretty tired of my... read more

What I’ve Learned

Since 2000, I have found myself desperately broke, and very wealthy 3 times, all while trying to keep a family together.  Throughout the years I made many mistakes that hurt my family, and my businesses along the way.  My real estate companies hit their peaks in... read more