After sharing Hal Elrod’s book “The Miracle Morning” with so many people, I’ve had many ask what my routine is.. So here goes…

To be completely honest, I only do my morning routine Monday through Friday.  On the weekends I still get up early and usually that is my only baby-duty time with our newborn, so it is still a great use of time, just not my normal routine.

Wake Up! (15-20 minutes)

I wake up at 3:30 a.m. and stumble to my home office.  I start my first cup of coffee and start reading a book of my choice for about 15 minutes.  3:30 seems super early, but what I find is I pack so much into my morning routine, that by the time I’m actually going after my normal life stuff, it’s 5 am.

Meditation: (10-15 minutes)

After I read my book, I do ten minutes of meditation.  I have tried a few youtube videos to listen to.  There are no shortage of online guides for meditation.  Right now I’m focusing on clearing my head.. There have been times when my meditation goals were mindfulness, depression, positive reinforcement, etc and you can find a youtube guide for each.

Exercise / Affirmations: (20-30 Minutes)

Aaron Amuchastegui Home workout

Aaron Amuchastegui Home workout

The Miracle Morning talks about doing daily affirmations, prayer, and gratitude lists.  I decided to try and combine all of these with my exercise.  I have a few work-out songs I listen to, and I use Audacity (an audio app) to overlay recording of myself saying prayers, gratitude lists, and daily affirmations.  Then I listen to the music while I work out.  It doesn’t just kill 2 birds with one stone, it feels more like 1+1 = 3.  Listening to positive inspiring messages while exercising pushing me to push myself harder during exercise.  For exercise I do core work, stretches with an exercise roller, and follow a workout plan to hit all areas of my body.



The Cool Down (Actually in a Steam Room 10-25 minutes)

20160316_100322I spend 10-15 minutes in the steam shower relaxing my body, and trying to do some additional meditation/prayer focusing on my goals for the day.  Then I get cleaned up and dressed and ready for the day.

I usually finish up around 5 am and I feel like I am ready to conquer the world and have already accomplished a ton for the day.  If you are considering trying a morning routine, but having trouble getting the motivation, look into some quick revised miracle morning routines by googling online.  A possible idea is 5 minutes meditation, 2 minutes prayer, 3 minutes gratitude list, 10 min reading a self help book, 30 jumping jacks, 30 push ups, and 40 sit ups.  That is a quick 25-30 min routine that helps show you the benefits of starting early. Soon after, you will want to wake up early :)

See ya bright and early tomorrow !