Since 2000, I have found myself desperately broke, and very wealthy 3 times, all while trying to keep a family together.  Throughout the years I made many mistakes that hurt my family, and my businesses along the way.  My real estate companies hit their peaks in 2012.  In 2014, the market changed dramatically and buying abilities decreased from 30 homes per month to 2-4 homes per month.  I re-evaluated my operations and through the help of many concepts from business authors, my christian faith, and mentors.  I found ways to reduce operational overhead dramatically by decreasing inefficiencies and increasing individual output 10-fold.  It was a very difficult transition to revamp a business after annual gross income fell to what was previously an average month.  This also caused many personal financial changes for my family.  We currently have average sized businesses and incomes, and have found what my family thinks is the perfect balance between god, work, family, and home.  I hope to share what I’ve learned through my blog.